Mobile donations maximize matching fund at free summer concert series

Background: The Boston Landmarks Orchestra presents exceptional orchestral music performances in significant architectural, historical and geographical settings throughout the Boston area. They aim to help diverse audiences grow in their appreciation of both the fine music that they offer and the special places where they perform.  Boston is known as a center for music in America, and the Boston Landmarks Orchestra is able to draw upon some of the area’s finest musicians to create a vibrant and exciting classical music scene all summer long.




Opportunity: Before the 2010 Free Summer Concert Series a Boston Landmarks Orchestra foundation donor pledged to match $10 donations 9-to-1 from April 1 through July 19,  7-to-1 from July 20 through July 26, and 1-to-1 after July 26.  This created an incredible fundraising opportunity in that every $10 raised from concert attendees would result in up to $100 of funds raised for the nonprofit.  The MobileCause strategy support team worked hand-in-hand with the Boston Landmarks Orchestra to plan and coordinate a mobile giving campaign to ensure fundraising and engagement success.




Strategy: Three live calls-to-action during each concert:  The 1st before the show— The 2nd before intermission—The 3rd at the end of the show before crowds were dismissed. Volunteers with Text ORCHESTRA to 85944 to give $10 tee shirts (see below) walked through the crowd and handed out Boston Landmarks Orchestra buttons to those who gave.

Boston Landmarks Orchestra

Results: The first night, even though there was rain and attendance was down, $10 donations brought in $2,940—Triggering $29,400 in foundation match funds. There was so much excitement around the giving opportunity that audience members who didn’t have texting plans on their phones were bringing cash donations to the information table. The four consecutive concerts brought in 648 $10 text donations— an average of 10% participation—resulting in $64,800 in foundation match funds raised for the nonprofit.


Fast Forward to 2015: With 74% US adult smartphone adoption, if this campaign was promoted today with Mobile Pledging (with an average donation amount of $65 and an average fulfillment rate of 84%), it would have raised approximately $59,967 before the match!

Boston Landmarks Orchestra


  • $64,800 was raised over four concerts for the Boston Landmarks Orchestra
  • 648 new donors made donations
  • 10% of the Free Summer Concert Series attendees made donations

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Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development


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