Is your Text to Give fundraising keyword ready?

Preparation for a disaster only happens before the event – stocking supplies, emergency items, AND communication fundraising products. The time for your organization to prepare is now… and MobileCause can help. Establish Text to Give fundraising keywords before a disaster happens. Think of MobileCause along with indispensable disaster preparations.

Facts about $5, $10 and $25 carrier billed donations.

  1. Text to Give fundraising keywords have to be provisioned by over 150 US cell phone carriers.
  2. Text to Give disaster fundraising keywords take 30-90 business days to be approved and go live.
  3. It is very important that Text to Give disaster fundraising keywords are live before a crisis happens!


Text to Give disaster fundraising is the easiest way to empower constituents to give when a disaster happens.

Your constituents want to be engaged to help when a disaster happens. They care about their own community, and that makes them want to help other communities that may be in trouble. Help them help others by giving them the power of disaster relief  mobile donations. When a disaster happens, your organization and constituents will already be ready to provide financial aid.


Text to Give disaster fundraising is the easiest way to receive relief funds.

After a disaster, relief efforts begin immediately. Although we can’t all be there physically to help, we can contribute with the help of an actively engaged organization. The best way to help is to donate funds to a professional organization and empower them to do what they do best – provide assistance, expertise, and leadership. The fastest, easiest way for your constituents to assist in the relief efforts is to donate funds using Disaster Relief Keywords and a MobileCause campaign.

Learn more about Text to Give carrier billed disaster fundraising keywords.

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