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“Our MobileCause Digital Fundraising Strategist went above and beyond our expectations, she was there every step of the way and reached out before we did.”

– Chad Gardner, Associate Director of Events and Volunteers, The Homeless Families Foundation


Prior to MobileCause, the Homeless Families Foundation was using fundraising software provider, Network for Good. However, Associate Director of Events and Volunteers, Chad Gardner, found their platform difficult to learn. The provider lacked a 24/7 support team, online resources to guide him and its interface was not very intuitive. To help prepare for one of the Homeless Families Foundation’s most important fundraising events of the year, Mother’s Day, Chad quickly began researching other online fundraising platforms.


After researching multiple companies, Chad chose to partner with MobileCause. He was drawn to MobileCause’s 24/7/365 email and phone customer support, access to how-to videos, training webinars, and most importantly, a dedicated Digital Fundraising Strategist who guided him through setting up their first fully-virtual fundraising campaign: the No Show Mother’s Day Gala.

The campaign included text-to-donate, mobile-friendly donation pages and peer-to-peer fundraising pages. Their success was due in large part to the MobileCause Digital Fundraising Strategist who went beyond their expectations, reaching out during each step of launching their campaign with strategy ideas, mobile messaging templates, social media post ideas and more.


With MobileCause, The Homeless Families Foundation was able to raise $54,300 for their No Show Mother’s Day Gala, more than previous years. The campaign is pivotal to their organization, as 95% of clients are single mothers. MobileCause’s peer-to-peer campaign utilized the Homeless Family Foundation’s biggest supporters and social networks to raise a higher-than-average gift size of $266. By making this event happen completely online, the Homeless Families Foundation was able to save overhead costs and send more of the dollars donated back to their single mother beneficiaries. They are excited to put MobileCause text-do-donate, donation pages, and peer-to-peer fundraising into action for future fundraising events.

What is DFS?

Our team of Digital Fundraising Strategists have experience in nonprofit management and are power users of MobileCause. Using best practices and extensive fundraising, marketing and communications experience, the team provides fully-integrated development and setup of your campaigns. Enabling you to spend your time executing programs and connecting with your constituents. We create and implement campaigns for you so you can focus on running your organization.

The Homeless Families Foundation

The Homeless Families Foundation educates and nurtures children while empowering families in Columbus, OH to achieve stable housing and self-sufficiency, believing the key to ending homelessness is a stable family. THFF believes in working together with a sense of urgency to break the generational cycle of homelessness by fostering independence for families who are currently living in poverty and crisis.

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