In his series for Entrepreneur, writer Michael Noice looks at the top 5 things companies need to do to ensure crowdfunding success.  Mr. Noice is an Entrepreneur Coach, helping companies with expert advice on starting, running and growing a business.

5 Keys to Achieving Crowdfunding Success

crowdfunding campaign success

Michael Noice | Entrepreneur | 11/10/15

With the recent Securities and Exchange Commission ruling that companies may now use equity crowdfunding to sell pieces of their company to the general public, crowdfunding — in all its forms — is becoming a truly mainstream option for funding new businesses.

Crowdfunding is also an excellent channel for building a customer base or leveraging an existing one. A successful crowdfunding campaign generates case studies and testimonials and jump-starts word-of-mouth marketing

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Top 5 Keys To Nonprofits Crowdfunding Campaign Success

Mr. Noice’s article points out that crowdfunding can be a viable financing approach, but only when done properly. He cites that a successful crowdfunding campaign must inspire, engage and leverage its influencers after thoroughly researching then polishing their pitch and campaign.

Your organization can apply those same top 5 keys for your own nonprofit crowdfunding campaign success.

1. Inspire your supporters with a customized crowdfunding page that tells your org’s compelling story

2, Engage them to become fundraisers on your behalf with social media, email, and text messages

3. Leverage your donor, supporter and volunteer base to create the biggest impact

4. Research your donor history to identify potential crowdfunding evangelists

5. Polish your messaging to clearly communicate the goals and later on, the results of your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding campaign success is possible for your nonprofit when you empower your organization to easily raise donations via mobile, social and online networks of supporters gaining 57% new donors with zero transaction fees.

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