How To Empower Donors To Become Fundraising Ambassadors

When planning your fundraising campaigns, knowing how to turn donors into fundraisers can pay off in a big way.  Those who have already contributed to your cause have probably done so because they believe in your organization’s mission and want you to succeed.

When they solicit their friends and family to become supporters of your nonprofit these newly self-appointed ambassador fundraisers, are able to accomplish great things.  According to The Network for Good, this is a successful strategy because people are more inclined to donate when asked by someone they know. These ambassadors, can then further persuade their friends and family to also become fundraisers, multiplying and growing your team of advocates.turn-donors-into-fundraisers, group

Start small, think big

Asking donors to become your virtual fundraising champions doesn’t need to be a large request. While you can always enlist participation in direct mail or event campaigns, you can also start on a smaller scale.

To catalyze donor involvement in fundraising, you only need about five willing participants. It’s a small number that can quickly grow if there is someone to manage the campaign. If you’re new to asking donors to aid in fundraising, the best place to start is with an online campaign. Reach out to staff, volunteers and current donors that are active with your organization – they already share a passion and understanding for your organization’s mission. Text messages and social media pages are perfect platforms for them to start their individual crowdfunding efforts to raise awareness and increase donations.

Once you have your small core participants, encourage each of them to do the same to build their own teams, which can raise more money

#1 Rule To Turn Donors Into Fundraisers – Make it Easy For Them to Give!

If you want donors to become fundraisers, be clear about what you’re asking them to do. Provide step-by-step instructions for spreading the word about your organization and fundraising campaigns to their friends and family. You can also help them support your cause by arming them with message templates and as many samples as possible, which they can easily use for their communications.
turn donors into fundraisers

By setting up a simple, quick process and providing them the tools they need, you will be ensuring that anyone that you’ve turned from donors into fundraisers won’t get frustrated or lose interest.

Make It Personal

When you’re looking to turn donors into fundraisers, appeal to their preferences, the specific elements of your mission that will touch their hearts and make up their minds.  Instead of sending a mass email, write personal requests to each donor you think could be a fit. Look through your donor database to get a sense of their giving history and any other involvement with your organization.

The more you know about your donor, the better you can determine which fundraising campaign best resonates with the individual. For example, if a donor’s past gifts included volunteering at the local soup kitchen, they might be interested in raising money for a new food bank program.
turn donors into fundraisers_foodbank

Remember that you’re asking supporters to volunteer their precious time, so make it worth their while.  People want to feel good about the good they do.  Since donors already have an established connection to your cause, they may also have their own photos and stories to share with their social network. Encourage them to share the pride and joy they’ve felt from their involvement with your organization, and contributions they’ve made to support your mission.
turn donors-to-fundraisers_surfaid

Custom fundraiser pages establish a sense of pride and recognition in your volunteer fundraiser while creating a sense of trust from the people they’re asking for donations.

Encouragement and Recognition Go A Long Way

It’s important to publicly recognize the work your advocates are doing on your behalf to keep them motivated.  Staying in touch with your fundraising partners during their campaigns helps to solidify your relationship with them, keeps them abreast of any developments, and provides you an opportunity to offer assistance to them if they feel discouraged or have any questions.

Offering incentives for reaching milestones is another way to keep them motivated, like a branded gift or exclusive event benefit.  You can create tiered rewards based on donation levels to encourage competition and put the fun back into fundraising.  However, sometimes all it takes is a little recognition.

turn donors-into-fundraisers, recognition

For example, a fundraising thermometer that displays the names of donors along with donation amount at a live event creates an exciting moment of giving and provides public recognition to the donor and encouragement to others to give even more.

Turn donors into fundraisers to raise awareness and donations for your organization by making it easy for them to give, recruit and be recognized for their generous contributions to your cause.
Ana Cardenas, MobileCause Content Manager

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