Twitter text to donate: Charity Water & Invisible Children pioneer modern philanthropy

According to Paste Magazine Twitter offers one of the best ways to connect with charities. Charity Water has more than 500,000 Twitter followers ranking #1 among nonprofits. We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Charity: Water to enable all Twitter followers to easily make Text-to-Give donations—that are cell phone carrier billed—by sending a one word text message.


We are currently in the process of provisioning the keyword WATER for Charity: Water future fundraising.Similarly another MobileCause client Invisible Children—which currently ranks #6 in the Best Charities on Twitter list—has done an amazing job of utilizing social media to help spread the word about the atrocities in Uganda and the children who are forced to be soldiers in Joseph Kony’s army. Invisible Children supporters have been empowered to make Text-to-Give donations by texting RESCUE to 20222 to make a $5 donation to help rescue Joseph Kony’s child soldiers.


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Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development

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