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United Way of Central Maryland



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This MobileCause crowdfunding campaign took on a life of it’s own and within weeks, we had raised more than a half of million dollars.

– Molly Boncaro, Associate Vice President of United Way of Central Maryland


For the United Way Central Maryland, responding to the chaos that ensued following the Baltimore riots with the “Restore Baltimore” fund was quite the challenge because they needed a large amount of donations to come in as soon as possible to help restore the city. They knew of crowdfunding but not how to do it, so they contacted MobileCause


By using the MobileCause platform, they were able to quickly set up a crowdfunding campaign that people could use to easily make donations, become fundraisers and help promote the campaign. UWCM “Restore Baltimore” crowdfunding was kicked off with a press release, email blasts, text messages and social media announcements. People were encouraged to ‘give quickly’ by using the keyword ‘MDUNITES’ to submit their donations. All donors and fundraisers were recognized publicly on social media and on the “Restore Baltimore” donor wall. Multi-channel campaign content was kept cohesive and meaningful, with a consistent and simple call-to-action.


United Way Central Maryland Crowdfunding was a gigantic success with 100% of all donations going directly to the cause, restoring Baltimore, MD after the riots. It began with a goal of $20,000, and they were able to surpass that goal and ended up raising more than $570,000 to help those in need quickly through this crowdfunding campaign initiative.

United Way of Central Maryland

UWCM states that they are “committed to helping families facing poverty obtain access to housing, employment, health, affordable food and healthcare, and a quality education. For more than 90 years we have worked with leading health and human service providers across our region and have identified the most effective strategies to improve the most lives.”

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