Here are 8 great ideas to get you started with United Way mobile fundraising.

1—Kick Off Workplace Giving

Our real-time Fundraising Thermometer with Mobile Pledging can increase participation and excitement at a workplace giving campaign kickoff on-site.


2—Increase Participation

Mobile Pledging is an easy way for off-site employees (even internationally based employees with US phone plans) or non-computer based employees (e.g. workers on the factory floor) to easily participate in fundraising initiatives.


3—Support Recurring Gifts & Payroll Deduction

Mobile Pledging allows for recurring donations, and can be call center supported with a fully customizable call script to collect additional information to facilitate payroll deductions.

4—Communicate with a 99% Open Rate

Use messaging to text remote employees links to important content, such as a payroll deduction form, and ensure that your communication doesn’t get lost in email inboxes.


5—Encourage & Thank Participants

Mobile Messaging can be used throughout campaigns to encourage and thank participants. Send links to inspiring videos.

6—Help Corporate Partners Meet Goals

Mobile Pledging is a great way for corporate partners to do a fast and easy fundraising push for their end of year match, to meet annual giving goals.


7—Help Partners Prepare for Disasters

Help corporate partners be prepared for disaster response by setting up a pledging or Social Giving keyword that is immediately available for employees to use the moment a disaster happens.

8—Facilitate Personal Fundraising

Social Giving provides a way for corporate partners to offer employees the option of doing a personal fundraising initiative on behalf of United Way.


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