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United Way Responds to Tragedy



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On July 23rd, 2016 in Lafayette, Louisiana, a tragic shooting occurred in the Grand Theater leaving 2 victims dead and 9 injured. The immediate question Lafayette faced was, “How do we recover?”. United Way of America decided to step in and help out in light of this emergency. They needed to quickly raise funds to go towards helping the community as well as the families directly effected by this shooting. They began looking for a company who could mobilize their emergency fundraising campaign.


United Way contacted their digital fundraising service, MobileCause for a solution. Despite being off work (due to the weekend), MobileCause employees understood the gravity of the situation and immediately began setting up donation pages for this emergency fundraising campaign. The shooting happened at 7:30 PM on the 23rd and by noon on the 24th, it was pushed live. United Way received the recommendation to advertise the donation page on their website, across social media, and on news media and local press which initiated the fundraising efforts. People across the world could easily donate to this tragedy by texting LAFAYETTESTRONG to 41444.


The United States giving community rallied around United Way for this cause and the emergency fundraising was incredibly successful. By the third day, 300 supporters had given to the cause and over $6,900 had been raised! The speed in which the donation page was set up was vital as it helped United Way get the funds as quickly as possible so that they could go towards the imminent medical bills of the victims of this horrific tragedy.

United Way

United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. They go beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in communities around the world. By bringing people and organizations together around innovative solutions, they impact millions of lives every year.

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