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United Way of Tulare County



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subscribers gained in 1 day


Considering education as a vital part in building a successful future, United Way of Tulare County (UWTC) wanted to find a way to engage young donors, local high school students, and their families to get them thinking about college. UW of Tulare County needed to find a way to reach this younger audience; but, getting a response from this group proved to be challenging.


Knowing that high school students are always on their phone, the MobileCause text communication option was viewed as a perfect approach that could compel teenagers to engage. This communication solution meant that when anyone texted the keyword G2C2017, standing for go2college2017, to 51555, they could subscribe to updates and be immediately texted with reminders about FAFSA and college application deadlines.


This campaign to engage young donors greatly increased communications between UW of Tulare County and the kids they sought to help. The campaign captured over 1,250 subscribers, 747 in just one day! Also, many messages were sent out to these kids and their parents with the hopes of increasing interest in college for those who didn’t consider college a possibility.

United Way of Tulare County

United Way of Tulare County, works to advance the education, income, and health of neighborhoods and communities to ensure every child succeeds, every step of the way, from cradle to career. This work is done by partnering with companies and volunteers in their metropolitan area. To donate to the cause, click here.

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