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The older generation of donors will always be phasing out. Think outside the fundraising box to reach your next generation of supporters. Don’t try to fit things into a
mold because you never know what might work!

– Michelle Zanzonico, Director of Annual Support, USET


In support of the US equestrian athletes, The United States Equestrian Team’s (USET) coaches decided to hold an “America’s Equestrians Got Talent” benefit to raise the funds needed to go to the Olympics and to better engage the equestrian community and keep them updated on the athletes. They had both athletes who were committed to raising funds and supporters who wanted to give; however, they wanted to do something new to generate more excitement and participation. With the help of MobileCause, they came up with the idea to start a US Equestrian Team text-to-vote campaign.


The US Equestrian Team text-to-vote campaign quickly moved to the development stage. USET created 13 unique text-to-vote keywords for each contestant in which people could vote for their favorite equestrians by making a quick donation. Each equestrian had a personal fundraising goal of $1,000 (200 votes each). The live event was streamed online and the simple instructions for voting for each equestrian athlete were displayed on-screen. Each time someone texted the name of their favorite athlete to 41444, $5 was donated and one vote was recorded.


The US Equestrian Team text-to-vote campaign was a huge success as the event raised more than $350,000 from ticket sales, through live auctions and voting. From text-to-vote alone, $38,000 was raised. The winning contestant ended up with 1,655 votes which resulted in $8,275 in total amount of funds raised passing the initial goal of $1,000.

The US Equestrian Foundation

Since its beginning in 1917, The US Equestrian Foundation has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and promotion of growth for both human and animal. The US Equestrian Foundation trains, selects, and funds our United States Equestrian Team, one of the most world-renowned equestrian teams.

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