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This friendly Super Bowl wager is a great way to support the Broncos and showcase a real community need – putting books in the hands of young readers who might not have them otherwise,

– Christine Benero, President and CEO of Mile High United Way


With the Super Bowl rapidly approaching, competition between Denver and Charlotte was ramping up. The Denver Broncos were set to play the Carolina Panthers for the 2016 Super Bowl. The United Way chapters decided to use the competition in a friendly way, to drive giving for their Super Bowl fundraiser! They knew they needed the help of a digital fundraising expert, so they contacted their fundraising provider, MobileCause.


Through MobileCause, each United Way (UW) chapter was able to set up a text-to-donate page where their supporters could remotely give. They began promoting their message on social media and news channels and began to develop traction. MobileCause made it easy to donate as all a supporter had to do was text either SB50DEN or SB50CAR to 41444 to donate to the cause. Utilizing the excitement of Super Bowl 50, UW of Central Carolina and Mile High UW were ready to execute their Super Bowl fundraiser.


As expected, the Super Bowl excitement and competition drove fundraising excitement and competition. In a close fought battle, much closer than the Super Bowl game and following the same result, Mile High United Way edged out United Way of Central Carolina. At the end of the day everyone was a winner as nearly $4,000 was raised to help children learn to read in the Denver and Charlotte communities.

Mile High United Way & United Way of Central Carolinas

Mile High United Way is focused on early childhood development and early literacy, education and youth development as well as family income and economic stability. The United Way of Central Carolinas works to strengthen their community by increasing graduation rates, reducing homelessness and empowering healthy lives by working with community partners, volunteers and investors. To donate to Team Denver, click here, or to donate to Team Carolina, click here.

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