Nonprofits and corporations are strengthening volunteer fundraisers efforts. This technique helps causes leverage supporters and connect with new benefactors. If you’re looking for a new and improved way to revamp fundraising efforts… peer to peer plus mobile donations equals volunteer fundraising.

volunteer fundraisers

Benefits of Volunteer Fundraisers


  • Expand existing relationships: Most nonprofit managers know they need to have a long-term game plan when it comes to fundraising. It takes time and work to secure donations from benefactors. They need to trust your organization before they give to your cause. Peer-to-peer can help you connect with donors’ social networks.


  • Boosts awareness: There are many ways to increase visibility throughout the community, but word of mouth is the most authentic way to raise awareness. Despite all the advances in marketing technology, old-fashioned word of mouth is still one of the best ways to reach a new audience.


  • Make the best use of limited resources: Many organizations face time and budget constraints in their fundraising efforts. Peer-to-peer can extend your reach without stretching your campaign funds. The publicity that your nonprofit can gain from these initiatives is free

(source CauseVox)

Mobile Ties Social Networks and Generosity

The rapid adoption of smartphones has made it easier than ever to collect donations instantly. With Volunteer Fundraiser, employees can conveniently collect donations and promote campaigns over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text and Email to their friends and family.


Fundraising Has Never Been So Easy

Volunteer fundraisers can setup their page (see Avera Race example above) in just a few minutes from the convenience of their smartphone. Each fundraiser gets to customize their page with photo, quote and goal. Additionally, each page has a corresponding text to donate keyword (Example “Text Avera-11”) and link for easy self promotion! Need a place to get started? Download our ebook below!

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