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“With our web developer unavailable, I was tasked with creating a webpage for our virtual event. Luckily the MobileCause interface was easy to navigate and I was able to quickly create an Event Page on my own.”

– Caitlin Moneypenny-Johnson, Director of Marketing


The Walt Disney Family Museum, located in the presidio of San Francisco, honors the life and legacy of Walt Disney. Every year the Museum relies on several in-person fundraisers to fund its mission of educating generations about Walt Disney’s work and to inspire individuals to persevere in pursuing their own goals. However when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Museum to cancel its in-person events in 2020, they knew they’d have to create an engaging virtual fundraiser supporters would be incentivized to attend.


Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winner Alan Menken (best known for producing the soundtracks for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and more) volunteered to do a live Zoom virtual performance for the Museum, which became An Evening with Alan Menken. However due to technical difficulties and Alan being located outside of California, the team decided to create a pre-recorded “live” event and broadcast it on a MobileCause Event Page. Alan and the other guest performers and speakers pre-recorded their portions on Zoom, exported their recordings and sent it to the Museum’s Creative Director and Editor to create the final recording. 

The Museum’s Director of Marketing, Caitlin Moneypenny-Johnston, was tasked with promoting the virtual event. She first created a MobileCause Event Page specifically for An Evening with Alan Menken. Prior to the event, she linked a ticketing form to the Event Page. Although individuals did not have to register to attend the event, this allowed the Museum to capture important details on supporters like their name, email address, and phone number. The ticketing form also included optional monetary donation, sponsorship opportunity, and a paid exclusive VIP Chat with Alan Menken after the event. During the “live” event, text-to-donate instructions displayed across the video and on the Event Page with a donation progress circle showing the names of donors and their donation amounts in real time. With their Creative and Marketing teams working together with the MobileCause platform, they surpassed their fundraising goals for the event.

The Blue Heron Bash virtual fundraising event was hosted on a MobileCause Event Page.


In total, the Museum raised $193,558 dollars from a total of 900 donors from An Evening with Alan Menken. Beyond the money raised from the event, the MobileCause platform helped save the Museum’s team valuable time. When the Museum’s web developer became unavailable, Caitlin Moneypenny-Johnston found the MobileCause interface easy to navigate and to create the Event Page, ticketing, sponsorship, and donation forms for An Evening with Alan Menken. The MobileCause platform equipped the Museum with essential digital fundraising tools that engaged supporters and helped them raise more before, during and after the virtual event.

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Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum features contemporary, interactive galleries with exhibits narrated in Walt Disney’s own voice, alongside historical drawings, music, cartoons, films and a spectacular model of Disneyland. In addition to honoring the life and legacy of Walt Disney, the Family Museum offers classes, workshops, scholarships and resources to foster individuals’ imagination and encourage them to persevere in pursuing their goals.

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