Laura Vitto’s newest blog showcases Magic Wheelchair, a new nonprofit that builds movie quality like costumes for children in wheelchairs. One look at these one of a kind costumes and you will fall in love. Mashable is a leading media company for the connected generation and the voice of digital culture.

Creative nonprofit builds costumes for children in wheelchairs


By Laura Vitto| 05/06/15 | Mashable

Their non-profit organization Magic Wheelchair will build custom costumes for five lucky children, who will work with designers and architects to create something totally amazing. To apply, children submit 1-3 minute video entries (with parental permission, of course) explaining what they’d like to be for Halloween and why they should be picked for this project.

As each requires more than 120 hours of work to complete and between $2,000 and $4,000 to build, the nonprofit is already on the look out for applicants and donations.

mobilecause-outlookMagic Wheelchair is a perfect example of a nonprofit that saw a need for something, and took it upon themselves to create help.

What started out as just a simple Halloween costume for their son one year has turned into one of Portland’s newest nonprofit organizations. They have the tools, knowledge and passion to fulfill the needs but what comes difficult to so many small nonprofits is how to fundraise the money to fund their organization.

It comes to no surprise that the nonprofit industry has grown tremendously in the last decade. With all this growth, fundraising tactics have also been changing. The majority of donations used to come from direct mail, phone calls and fundraising events. These types of fundraising tactics are difficult for small nonprofits to manage.

Now with the use of technology, everything you need to fundraise resides in the pocket of you and your donors.

Using online giving allows organizations to reach donors on mobile devices, social media and websites. Organizations can set up and embed online giving pages on their website in less than 5 minutes.

Small nonprofits can now fundraise money the same way large organizations do with the ease of small scale operations.

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