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Why Your Nonprofit Should Offer Tribute Gifts

WRITTEN BY Denise Dunbar

What is a Tribute Gift?

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Tribute and honorary gifts, made in honor or in memory of someone who is not a donor, are a great way for nonprofit organizations to raise awareness and funds while honoring an individual, either in memoriam or celebration. Such gifts can help an organization reach its fundraising goal because tribute gifts come from a strong belief in the organization’s mission and are generally given from a place of pain, heartache, healing, and love, and the donor wishes to give back in a meaningful way.

Maximize the Impact of Tribute Gifts

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While tribute donors are typically one-time donations, they don’t have to be. Sharing with donors how their tribute gift contributes towards the mission of the organization can be a strong point of converting them into a repeat donor.

  • Inform and update those providing the donation with the programs and efforts that are supported because of their donation, and don’t forget to send them a follow-up email or phone call to thank them for providing a tribute gift. Additionally, create a space on the website to acknowledge tribute gifts.
  • Ask donors right on the donation form if they want to increase their impact and make the donation recurring.
  • Include a prompt that asks if they want to subscribe to the newsletters before leaving the donation form, or a link that leads to more information about how to get involved in other ways, such as volunteering or attending events.
  • Make the tribute section a standard element on all donation forms. This will provide donors the option to give a tribute in honor of loved ones consistently.
  • Include tributes on every campaign – Whether it’s a gala event, a direct mailing, or peer-to-peer campaign, it is important to show donors that tributes are an option across every platform of your organization.
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Tribute Gifts in the MobileCause Platform

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MobileCause makes it easy for a donor to make a tribute gift. When the In Honor/Memoriam section is included on the form, the donor will see a checkbox that states, “Make this gift in someone’s honor”. When the donor checks the box, options will be laid out on the form to include the recipient’s name and email address, and a special note. There will also be a field to include the person’s name for whom the donation honors. Making these fields required ensures proper notification and delivery of the tribute. Additionally, there will be a checkbox to send a personalized e-card. When the e-card is selected, the donor will have the choice of six e-cards to choose from with various images. The donor can select the one that best fits their sentiment. The MobileCause Admin can offer customized images with their brand colors, logo, or visual imagery that will resonate strongly with their constituents.

Donation form showing six e-card image options.

Armed with the knowledge of setting-up tribute gifts and how they can increase individual donations, these tips should be a great starting point on how to incorporate tribute gifts into your organization’s fundraising strategy.

Denise Dunbar
Digital Fundraising Strategist


Our goal at MobileCause is to help nonprofit organizations create and manage successful digital fundraising campaigns, raise more money and retain donors longer. Request a free demo with one of our fundraising experts to learn, step by step, how MobileCause can simply help set up your campaigns while transforming your results.

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