Workplace Giving

91%  of customers switch to brands that supporter good causes (Echo Global, CSR study). Strengthen your brand by partnering with a local charity, church, hospital, school or organization to help raise donations.

Get New Donations for Workplace Giving

Mobile is the most effective impulse donation tool because supporters are empowered to donate immediately in just 90 seconds from their own device. The average credit and debit card text donation in 2012 was $167 up from $70 in 2011. Donations of any amount are triggered by text message pledge and fulfilled by mobile payment form on smartphones. Unfulfilled pledges and non smartphone pledges are fulfilled by our call center which yields 85% and above fulfillment when best practices are followed.

Better Engage Workplace Giving Participants

When participants make mobile donations you acquire their contact information including mobile number, email and mailing address. Engaging text messages which yield 95% open rates can be sent to donors, to supplement traditional emails and letters, to increase participation and giving.

Use Mobile to Maximize a Workplace Giving Corporate Match

The ease of mobile giving paired with the opportunity of a matching fund has proven very effective in reaching campaign goals.

Quickly Raise Funds For Disaster Relief

Leverage mobile to gather employee support to respond to unfortunate disasters and events. Empower employees to make mobile donations to quickly support communities and families in need. Match donations with your corporate match fund.

MobileCause is passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility. Our fundraising and communication solutions are designed to work hand in hand with workplace giving programs to increase employee participation. We recommend downloading the workplace giving ebook below to get started.

Sean MacneillBy Sean MacNeill, MobileCause CEO

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