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text-messsaging-youth-pastorGetting the word out- Church leaders work tirelessly preparing messages, planning services and coordinating programs. Pastors are constantly using creative talents to empower members, engage visitors, disciple youth and reach the lost. What many Christians fail to realize is that the bible clearly teaches that the method of communication is often as important as the content of the message. In other words—if a message doesn’t reach the hearts and minds of people in a way they can hear and understand—it’s ineffective.

Would Jesus send text messages? God loves kids and Jesus was in the habit of going where people needed him the most and speaking to them in a way that related to their lives. It is undeniable that texting is the language of teens.  Pastors that desire to reach kids where they are must be texting. Did you know?— 95% of text messages are read and 80% of those are read in 15 minutes.

text-messaging-youth-ministryFlorida church reaches youth- 
RPM: Revolutionary Passionate Ministry—a youth movement of First Baptist Church Eustis—has creatively and strategically implemented mobile tools into their ministry this past year. Here’s what happened when pastors Daniel and JP decided to go mobile:

Weekly attendance before SMS=40-60 kids
After implementing SMS=70-90 kids

Event attendance before SMS=20 kids
After implementing SMS=60 kids

How did they do it? RPM pastors, volunteers and kids promoted their Mobile Messaging keyword “RPM” and shortcode “27138” at youth and adult gatherings to build their mobile list. Pastor’s Daniel and JP began sending text messages of words of encouragement, bible verses, conversation starters, relevant links, special event alerts, and community service opportunities. They also built their list by having live mobile polls at events in which participants could opt in for future messages. RPM currently messages 150+ kids with SMS. RPM also has plans to use mobile donation tools to teach kids how to give.

Text-Messaging-ChurchBenefits for a Pastor-

Kids love responding to live mobile polls—They are great icebreakers too.

Receiving SMS responses from kids helps keep ministry fresh and relevant.

Parents love being connected to youth ministries via SMS.

It is comforting to have a 100% safe way to text message with kids.

Text messaging opens up healthy pastoral conversations with kids.

What kids are saying-

“We love it… we know exactly what is going on.”

RPM: Revolutionary Passionate Ministry youth pastors effectively implement text messaging to help disciple and reach kids. 

Jeremy KoenigBy Jeremy Koenig, Head of Marketing

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