Conor Dougherty reported on Susan Wojcicki’s appearance at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Apsen, Colorado. Ms. Wojcickis is YouTube’s CEO and has been listed multiple years as one of Forbe’s Magazines, 100 Most Powerful Women. Mr. Dougherty is a tech reporter with the New York Times.  He previously spent ten years with The Wall Street Journal and has covered regional economies and demography, as well as recreational sports for the Weekend Edition.

YouTube Chief Talks Children, Mobile and Competition With Facebook

susan wojcicki, youtube ceo

Susan Wojcicki, chief of YouTube, at a tech conference in Aspen, Colorado. Credit Rob Lever/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

By Conor Dougherty | BITS | 7/13/15

“Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.”

That was how Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s chief executive, described the video site’s top three priorities when speaking at Fortune’s annual Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo., on Monday. Today, a majority of YouTube’s views are made via smartphones or tablets instead of desktop computers, and since that shift is likely to continue as people spend more time on mobile phones, that’s where the company is spending its time and money.

“A lot of our focus is on how we continue to make that better. What are the UI” — user interface — “experiences, what are the creation experiences, how do we make it really fast?” Ms. Wojcicki said. “I think mobile is changing everything and it will continue to change it more in the future.”


Mobile Fundraising Platform Performance Improvements With YouTube Video

Anyone hearing Ms. Wojcicki speak at last week’s Brainstorm Tech conference has no doubt in their mind why going mobile is a no brainer if you want to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.  YouTube is spending its time and money on mobile to reach the users who are spending more time engaging with the video sharing platform on smartphones and tablets than they are on computers.

Nonprofits must also adopt this mind frame and look to implement a mobile fundraising platform to effectively reach and engage those potential donors who are searching the web, watching videos and engaging with social media, not on their home computers or laptops, but on their mobile devices.


The Impact of Not Using Video for Your Organization

Although YouTube is very protective over information about their platform’s performance, what is known is that people spend “hundreds of millions of hours” watching YouTube videos, more of them now watching on mobile devices than watch video on any U.S. cable network.

That means if your organization is not using video to promote your mission, volunteers, challenges, success stories, fundraising campaigns, etc… you are missing out on reaching a large audience of potential donors and supporters.  Millennials especially, who are the biggest viewers of online videos are a group that your nonprofit can not afford to ignore.  On average, 60% of Millennials give to charity each year, donating $481 across 3.3 organizations.

Why YouTube Add Value to Your Mobile Fundraising Platform

According to Forrester Research, a video is more likely to get first page rankings on Google than any web page. So in addition to the boost videos can give your organization in terms of search engine optimization, they provide a great platform to tell your nonprofit’s story.  Your org’s videos can be used for live fundraising events, or for text messaging campaigns. or in a text to donate campaign as a Thank You to your donors.

YouTube provides a number of benefits for nonprofits that can add value to all of your organization’s efforts, including mobile fundraising. Through their YouTube NonProfit program, they provide organizations the resources and support to make the most out of their platform to promote your organization, tell your story and even improve fundraising by allowing you to link to your mobile-optimized donation pages and forms, right from the videos you post to your channel.

Leverage the power of YouTube to add value to your organization by reaching the millions of users who are watching videos on their mobile phones with your MobileCause mobile-optimized donation pages and forms.

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