Victor Luckerson‘s article on TIME regarding the changing landscape of YouTube’s redesigned mobile app that includes a vertical video mode to better display content is great news for your org’s inclusion of video in mobile messaging. Luckerson is a reporter covering tech and business for TIME, a leading source for news, information & resources.

YouTube Is About to Look Very Different (On your cellphone, at least)

YouTube vertical video\

By Victor Luckerson | TIME | 7/24/15

The horror of watching a vertical YouTube video on your cellphone marred by enormous black borders will soon be behind us.

The video site announced Thursday that its redesigned mobile app features a vertical video mode that will better display such content, CNN Money reports. Vertical videos have long been the scourge of the Internet, but they better fit the aspect ratio of smartphones and have become popular among young users thanks to Snapchat, which encourages them.
In addition to improving video playback, the new app features a subscriptions tab that allows users to see a stream of new videos from channels they follow, as well as improved editing tools for shooting video directly within the app.


YouTube Vertical Video Mode New to Mobile

Your neck is about to get some much needed relief.  Mobile’s growing influence over media/video consumption is turning the world’s second largest search engine on it’s side. Literally.

Starting with Instagram and Snapchat, the first social media apps to encourage vertical video, Facebook, Twitter and now YouTube have all acknowledged that head-to-shoulder contact just isn’t necessary.

For Your YouTube Viewing Pleasure

With over 1 billion users, YouTube has people watching hundreds of millions of hours of videos, generating billions of views everyday. Over half of those views come from mobile devices.  Now consider that 95.5% of all U.S. adults use mobile phones, 81.1% of them using smartphones, where almost all website views worldwide start off in vertical mode.

It’s no wonder why the video media giant announced it’s plans to set the world straight (up and down, that is) by embracing vertical video. Instead of padding a vertical video with black sidebars and sideways playback, the new YouTube vertical video mode now allows videos to play full-screen.


YouTube’s Influence On Your Nonprofit

By now, you should already know how important video is to promoting events and fundraising for your cause. YouTube’s adoption of vertical videos will allow each and every video captured by you and your supporters to make a huge impact, now that viewers will be able to see the whole picture.

Plus since you won’t have to rotate your wrist to capture your org’s amazing work, you’ll have more hand-strength to tug on your supporters’ heartstrings a tiny bit harder.

Camera shy?

Reach out on Idealist.org or VolunteerMatch.org to post your video opportunity. It can be anything you need your video to be — a funny promo for your org, a PSA for a new campaign, or a short documentary on the issue your organization cares about.

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