Six Ways Mobile Technologies Can Strengthen Zoos, Aquariums and Conservation

1—Adopt an animal interactive text message responders

Signage instructs visitors to text keywords to get more information about specific animals and habitats at exhibits. Reply messages can contain messages with links to videos, audio recordings (example: sea lion ringtone), photos and donation opportunities.


2—Use mobile coupons to gain supporters

Visitors text a keyword or enter their number on an online subscription form to receive a discount coupon that can be used for gift shop and admission purchases.


3—Receive gifts for endangered species and conservation

Receive donations and recurring gifts for specific programs with custom keywords related to each program. Example: Text OTTER to make a donation to this critically endangered species.


4—Increase capital campaign revenues

Mobile donations are the most convenient way to gain new donors and increase recurring gifts. Donations forms are mobile responsive. zero transaction fees available. Append smart data to to strengthen fundraising intellegence.

5—Engage advocates and supporters

Send text messages with 99% open rates to regularly engage zoo and aquarium supporters and advocates. Example: Send links to new exhibits, webcams, kids activities, special events, camps and education programs.


6—Display donor names and donation amounts live at events and around the park!

Fundraising thermometer is designed to increase donation amounts, frequency and help zoos and aquariums reach fundraising goals.


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